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Louisville's Premier 




Our terminal has: two barge fleeting areas, each with 30 barge capacity; ability to blend multiple coal to barge or railcar; capability to transfer other commodities and the potential to unload barges to rail.


The bulk commodity terminal transfers dry bulk commodities such as coal, grain, fertilizer and potash, from rail hopper cars to barges. 


The Port of Louisville coal terminal is the only coal terminal that is served directly by three major eastern railroads: CSX, Norfolk Southern and The Paducah and Louisville Railroad.



A planned industrial community on the Ohio River, Jefferson Riverport International is home to quality companies engaged in manufacturing and/or distribution. The fully-integrated port/industrial park/FTZ complex offers:

  • Public port facilities, including an operating general cargo dock, barge fleeting area and ground storage. 

  • Excellent truck, rail, air and water transportation, plus efficient intermodal transfer facilities. 

  • A Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) with financial incentives for importers and exporters of raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods. 

Riverport's fully developed transportation facilities complement Louisville's central location and make it one of the most accessible industrial parks in the nation, via three interstate highways, five railroads (three directly), and the Ohio River.

A new four-lane highway connects Riverport to the interstate system less than five minutes away. Louisville International Airport at Standiford Field, the area's major airport, is only eight miles from Riverport.

Jefferson Riverport International is one of the few inland industrial/port sites in the nation with single-line haul by three railroads: CSX, Norfolk Southern and Paducah & Louisville. 


Providing full port services to the Ohio River systems
  • Terminal services to the Louisville Metropolitan area and the Ohio River system.

  • Fast and efficient access to domestic and world markets

  • Intermodal transportation transfer: Rail, Truck and Barge 

  • Bulk Commodity Terminal Services (Coal, Grain, Fertilizer, Potash etc..)

  • Coal Terminal Services and ground storage

  • On-Site Warehousing Services

Located on the Ohio River at mile 618, just 16 miles downstream of the Louisville riverfront.

Port facilities include the bulk commodity transfer terminal, barge fleeting area, ground storage, 13 miles of on-site and offsite railroad track, and a general cargo dock. 

The transfer terminal is designed to handle more than four million tons of dry bulk commodities a year working at the rate of 2,000 tons an hour. An entire 120-car train can be off-loaded in an eight-hour shift. 

Located at Mile 618, The Port of Louisville is 1,334 miles from the gulf of Mexico, a transit time of 10 to 12 days. 



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For any inquiries or questions, please call:  


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Head Office

 8252 Port Road

 Louisville, KY 40258

Tel: 502.937.9995

Fax: 812.951.2485

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