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Definition of Terms:

Port Authority – The Louisville and Jefferson County Riverport Authority is a public port authority which leases its port, terminal, railroad and roadway facilities to the privately held Port of Louisville (the Port). The Port provides transloading services between barge, rail and truck modes of transportation and related railcar switching and storage services.
Operator - The Port of Louisville is the port operator and responsible for providing market-based port services to the public.
Terminal - The public terminal facility, including the docks, open storage, rail sidings, roads and all facilities located on the property at mile 618 of the Ohio River are the property of the Port Authority and leased to the Port of Louisville.
Patron – Any direct or indirect user of the terminal, including shippers, consignees, carriers, and/or owners of any property or equipment delivered to or moved over or away from the terminal, including equitable owners of freight or equipment.
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