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ITEM 105 – Consent to Tariff
Any use by any patron or customer of any facility or service of the terminal, shall constitute separate contract, any such use shall constitute prim facie evidence of any agreement on the part of said patron both to pay all charges specified herein and to be governed by all rules and regulations contained herein.
ITEM 110 – Operator May Revise Tariff
Operator reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to revise rates and charges from time to time. Except in emergency or extreme situations, thirty days’ notice will be given for changes in rates and charges herein.
ITEM 115 - Fleeting
Terminal does not have fleeting areas for barges except under its crane for loading and unloading. All barges handled by operator shall be placed in carriers fleeting area and shall be subject to applicable fleeting and shifting charges of carrier or operator.
ITEM 120 - Shipments in Bond
Patrons shall give ten days advance notice of any shipments or barges moving under U.S. Custom Bonds. Terminal will act as agent for customs clearance by prior shipments.
ITEM 125 - Instructions
The terminal patron (directly or through the carrier) shall furnish their terminal a copy of shipping instructions, including a barge plan (when necessary) or rail car loading plan or other acceptable documents describing freight in shipments {including weights, consignees, and destinations) and shipment at point of origin. In any event, such documents must be furnished 96 hours prior to placement of freight at the terminal for handling of freight resulting from the failure to the terminal patron to furnish such documents is required.
ITEM 130 - Payments of Charges
Unless proper credit arrangements have been made with the terminal, all charges under the provision of the tariff become due and payable upon completion of service performed. A service charge of 1.5% per month will be added to all balances more than 30 days old. (Annual percentage rate of 18%)
ITEM 135 – Liability
In the loading, unloading, rehandling, storage and care of freight and floating equipment or rail cars received at the terminal, the terminal shall be liable only for such loss or damage as results from the sole negligence of the terminal or its employees. All risk of loss or damage from other causes including, but not limited to, corrosion, flood, water damage or contamination shall be the responsibility of the shipper and/or owner. All applicable claims for loss or damage at the terminal must be filed within 30 days.
ITEM 140 - Holiday and Overtime Charges
The transfer charges specified in this tariff are applicable only between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, except the holidays identified by the Port. Handling of freight at any other hours or days, at the patrons’ request, will be charge as follows:
  • Monday through Friday (except identified holidays) after 4:00 p.m. and prior to 7:00 a.m. next morning at a rate of 1½ times the transfer charges specified in Item 175.
  • Saturdays, all hours (except identified holidays) at a rate of 1 ½ times the transfer charges specified in Item 175.
  • Sundays and identified holidays, all hours, at a rate of double the transfer charges specified in Item 175.
  • Patrons desiring freight to be handled outside of scheduled work hours or workdays shall arrange for such handling in advance and in writing to the terminal. If terminal traffic volume warrant, the terminal may elect to work more than one shift, in which case the regular changes in Item 175 will apply.
ITEM 145 - Commodities Handled Only by Prior Arrangements
Certain commodities will not be accepted for handling at the terminal except when agreed arrangements are made with the Port in advance of the shipment, and in coordination with the Riverport Authority by the Port may be required, from point of origin as follows:
  • Commodities having an offensive odor or liable by their nature to injure other freight. Dangerous chemicals and/or cargo.
  • Empty containers previously filled with gasoline or other dangerous liquids. Perishable freight including all commodities that must be protected from heat or cold.
  • Hazardous commodities are prohibited.
ITEM 150 - Blocking, Bracing or Dunnage
Where barges arrive without proper separation or dunnage, or where normal handling methods may not be used, rates in this tariff will not apply. Specific agreement will be reached prior to unloading. Materials required for blocking, bracing or dunnage necessary in the loading of trucks or barges shall be furnished by the party for whom the work is performed. If furnished by the terminal, the charge for same will be the actual cost of materials, plus 30%. 
NOTE: Terminal will quote specific cost on special work provided shipper submits complete specification.
ITEM 155 - Heavy Lift Restrictions
Lifts per piece or package, including special rigging, weighing more than 30 tons will not be accepted for handling, unless arrangements are made with the terminal in advance.
ITEM 160 - Articles Over 40 Feet in Length
Except as noted in Item175, articles exceeding 40 feet in length will not be handled at charges named herein. Rates will be quoted when prior arrangements are made with the terminal in advance of shipment from point of origin.
ITEM 165 - Mixed Shipments of Freight Loaded in One Barge or Truck
Transfer charges on mixed shipments of freight loaded in one barge or truck from one consignor to one consignee shall be assessed on the actual weight of each commodity in the mixture at its respective transfer charge as shown in Item 175.
ITEM 170 - Sorting and Segregation of Freight
Terminal transfer charges published herein do not include any special segregation or sorting of freight as to kinds, marks, brands, sizes, grades, or other identification. If the terminal is requested by shipper or consignee to do such segregation sorting, a charge will be quoted on request. Charge shall be in addition to the terminal charges in Item 175. If delays are encountered, crane charges of $1000 per hour shall be assessed. If excessive delays will result barge or trucks shall be shifted out and additional placement charges will apply.
ITEM 175 - Transfer Charges
Except as otherwise specifically provided in this tariff, the transfer of freight between barges, railcars and trucks, or barges and dock, or yard to railcars or truck, will be performed at the charges named herein. In instances where dual handling is required for reasons not attributable to the terminal, the charges will be quoted upon request. Terms, conditions, and rates are valid until revoked and new rates are published. Rates based upon a barge load of a particular commodity.
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